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  • Muscles Matter!

    According to Harvard Health Publishing, after age 30 we begin to lose as much as 3% to 5% of our muscles per decade. For men, they can assume they will lose approximately 30% of their muscle mass during the course of their lifetimes. Muscles matter. It’s never too early (or to late) to muscle up! … Muscles Matter! Read More » The post Muscles Matter! appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • As Deadly as Smoking 15 Cigarettes a Day

    The U.S. surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy, has published a report declaring loneliness to be a public health epidemic. Specifically, he’s stated that loneliness poses health risks as deadly as smoking up to 15 cigarettes per day. Defined Murthy told The Associated Press that “We know that loneliness is a common feeling that many people … As Deadly as Smoking 15 Cigarettes a Day Read More » The post As Deadly as Smoking 15 Cigarettes a Day appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • Read Books, Live Longer

      Book lovers rejoice! A study conducted by Yale University has proven that reading books is directly tied to longevity. In other words, read books, live longer! Adding Years Specifically, people who read for three and a half hours per week or more were found to live almost 2 years longer (23 months to be … Read Books, Live Longer Read More » The post Read Books, Live Longer appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • Neuroplasticity and Nerve Regeneration

    How many of us know someone who has been affected by a brain injury or a disease like Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, ALS, Alzheimer’s, or Dementia? Or how many of us wish we could just focus better, improve our brain power, and protect ourselves from neurodegenerative diseases? Science has long proclaimed that the human body … Neuroplasticity and Nerve Regeneration Read More » The post Neuroplasticity and Nerve Regeneration appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • Say What?

      Say what? According to the dictionary, “say what” is a phrase used when asking someone to repeat what they have said, especially when you are surprised by it. For example, if you were to be told that there is a link between hearing loss and longevity, you might respond with “Say what?” What We’re … Say What? Read More » The post Say What? appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

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