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Arnold vanDeuren
Satisfied Patient

Totally impressed by Dr. Plasker’s thorough and professional diagnostic procedure and clear evaluation of my condition. I highly recommend him for anyone needing a highly skilled, sensitive and responsible chiropractic practitioner.

Satisfied Patient

Dr Plasker is very good…highly recommend!

Laura marsh-denberg
Satisfied Patient

Dr Plasker is a kind and compassionate and kind doctor. He helped me tremendously with many issues including my very difficult to treat insomnia!

Ji Soo
Satisfied Patient

Dr. Plasker has worked a miracle for my allergies, as I suffer from everything under the sun. I might be the only person who tried chiropractic services without fully understanding all the wonders of it, and from the very first sessions, Dc. Plasker was not only very informative, but extremely patient.

Bobbi Teibel
Satisfied Patient

Dr Jordan Plasker is a caring and passionate chiropractor who always has your health and well being in mind.

Raj S
Satisfied Patient

Few months ago, I had a herniated disc in my lumbar spine and was in severe spasms and pain to my left thigh and leg down. My wife insisted me to go see Dr. Plasker at his Montvale office.
By visit 4, I was truly amazed, and happy, that I was moving freely with 60% less pain and spasms. I felt less stressed. I trusted Dr. J. Plasker more now … and continued his treatment and adjustments, upon his assurance, that I should be good as I was before if I continued for 3 months under his care twice weekly.
Due to my work timings, I did try to see him weekly at least once. I am still going to see him even though I am 99% pain free so as to get myself in a pain free state and move onto a completely healed state.
His staff Ms. Lorraine and Ms. Suzanne are great as well – always receiving you with warm and genuine greetings!
I highly recommend him for your spine care. (and Thnx. to my wife for sending me to Dr. Plasker 🙂 }