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Record-Breaking Grandmother

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Do you struggle to find the motivation to exercise?  Or, do you jump out of bed every morning ready to grab your shoes and go for a power walk? Either way, Rambai, a 105-year-old grandmother, is an inspiration to us all! This record-breaking grandmother ran a 100-meter race  in 45.40 seconds at the inaugural National Open Masters Athletics Championships in Gujarat, India. Literally in a class by herself, she was the sole participant as there was no other athlete above the age of 85. Rambai won two gold medals during the championship. In addition to the 100-meters, she ran the 200-meters in 1 minute, 52 seconds.

Rambai is also living proof that it’s never too late and you’re never too old. She didn’t start running competitively until she was 104! This super fit vegetarian lives her 100:100 by still working in the fields and running 3 – 4 kilometers (that’s between 1.8 and 2.5 miles) daily! The fact is, opportunities for new experiences are all around us every day. Don’t think that something isn’t for you or isn’t possible just because you’re too old or you’ve never done it before. Most limits exist only in your mind. The 100 Year Lifestyle, living your 100:100, is all about having the health to enjoy your longevity. Get out and live, in whatever way works for you!

Curious about what Rambai the record-breaking grandmother has her sights on next? Keep reading…


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